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Please note that the Round the Loch race route is subject to some slight changes in 2023.

Round the Loch runners will now "split" from the 10 Mile runners earlier in the race, between kilometres 3 and 4.

The "split" is now just after the water station, which has also been relocated to the road bridge which crosses the South Calder Water. Round the Loch runners will pass the water station (on the bridge) and just after exiting the bridge, turn right to follow the main lochside path to the Sandy Beach area.

The course is held mainly on the pathways around Strathclyde Loch and as it is almost flat and traffic free it should provide competitors with fast times.

Round the Loch.png


At a line next to the footbridge across the River Clyde, connecting Strathclyde Park with Hamilton Palace Grounds.


-  From the start head down the Loch in a northerly direction towards the "rowing start" end.

-  At the end of the loch take the Inner Path around the back of the "rowing start" area

-  Just after rounding the "rowing start", you will encounter a fork with a path left and right. Take the newer, wider path to the left.

-  Continue on this path, past the "turning circle" and the play area until you reach the footbridge at the South Calder Water.

-  At South Calder Water cross the footbridge and follow the tarmac (taking a hard right). You will pass the Roman Bath House on the left hand side.

-  Continue on Inner Path - reaching and then passing "Sandy Beach / Picnic area".

- Continue to follow the lochside path towards the Water Sports Centre (10M runners turn off left between the Sandy Beach and the end of the loch, but the Round the Loch runners continue straight).

-  At the end of the loch, follow the path until reaching the Water Sports Centre. Join the road and run around the back of the Water Sports Centre (do not run in front of the Water Sports Centre / rowing boat area).

-  Continue on road passing Water Sports Centre on the right hand side

-  At the footbridge, take a right off the road and run around 100 metres along this path towards the loch (green fencing on right hand side)

-  At the end of this path, take a right into the event area (green fencing) and run to the finish


At a line just before the Piper Alpha Memorial / rowing finish tower

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