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n late 2022, the Park staff requested that changes be made to the race route, if the event was to continue in 2023 - particularly the narrow, twisty section between the Roman Fort/Baths and the Sandy Beach area on the North-Eastern side of the loch.

As a result, this has necessitated course changes for 2023. We have sought to develop an adjusted course route which is safe, remains as fast as possible and with minimal changes to the previous route.

Our solution has been to use the Spine Road. Regular park users will be aware that this road has been closed to road vehicles between the mini roundabout near M&Ds and the Sandy Beach car park since 2020. By using this Road in an "out and back" loop between Miles 2 and 4 and again between Miles 7 and 8, this allows us to offer a section of path which is much more spacious.

On first impression, we assumed this would add a reasonable degree of hill climb to the route. That is indeed the case, however when considering that the old section of route previously mentioned was also very undulating (a lot more small climbs and drops), the overall elevation gain and loss over the 10 Miles is actually only slightly higher.

As the route avoids the narrow, twisty section, we also believe there is a reduced risk of runners being slowed down by other park users including walkers and cyclists. This is not to mention that it is safer.

The course has been accurately measured by Mr Les Hill and we hold a course certificate courtesy of the Association of UK Course Measurers (AUKCM).

 A water/drinks station will be available to all runners between at 2.25 Miles, 4 Miles and 7.75 Miles.

Google Map Key

Blue line - Start to Mile 3

Red line - Mile 3 to Mile 6

Yellow line - Mile 6 to Finish

Click on the line colour to see course section more clearly, plus a brief description of that section.

Click on the rectangular shaped box on the top right of the map frame to view in full screen.

Strathclyde Park Miles 1-3.png
Strathclyde Park Miles 4-6.png
Strathclyde Park Miles 6-Finish.png

At a line just after the entrance to the main car park for the Water Sports Centre

- From the start head down the loch in a northerly direction towards Bothwellhaugh Playing Fields

- At the end of the loch take the Inner Path around the back of the "Rowing Start Area"
- Join the new widened path (also used at Strathclyde Parkrun) - passing the Play Area and Bandstand until reaching the bridge just before the South Calder Water (at the Roman Bath Area)
- Turn right onto Spine Road (the main road through the park which is now closed to vehicles)

- Continue on Spine Road until reaching the new gate/barrier, which is just before the entrance to the Sandy Beach car park.

- Take a u-turn at the gate/barrier and once again follow Spine Road, now heading in a general north-western direction.

- Continue to the mini roundabout on Spine Road and pass M&Ds amusement park on your right hand side.
- Turn Left just before at Bothwellhaugh Playing Fields & continue on Rd until "T" Junction
- At "T" Junction take a Left hand turn & pass through open gate
- Continue Left hand running but veer Right before a right hand bend
- Turn Right onto lochside path heading in a south-eastern direction & head up loch towards WSC
- Continue along the lochside path until you reach "Y" Junction (or "fork") leading to either inner pavement around loch or until it meets Water Sports Centre Rd
- Veer Right onto Water Sports Centre Rd & continue on road - passing Water Sports Centre on your left hand side.
- Continue on WSC Road until it meets the Inner Path which runs around the Loch
- Turn Left onto Inner Path & continue on Inner Path until reaching Sandy Beach Area

- Turn Right onto the "dirt" path between the Sandy Beach car park and the play park.

- Rejoin Spine Road and pass the gate/barrier (where the u-turn was earlier) heading in a general north-western direction.

- Follow Spine Road until crossing the main road bridge over the South Calder Water. 
- Cross the road bridge, and Turn Left onto the main loch path.
- Follow the main lochside path, around the back of the Rowing Start Area and follow the lochside path heading back down towards M&Ds once more.
- Continue on main lochside path until you reach the "Y" junction (or "fork") which leads to either Inner pavement around loch or until it meets Water Sport Centre Rd
- Veer Left onto Inner pavement & continue running towards the Rowing Finish Tower.

- Just before the Rowing Finish Tower / Piper Alpha Memorial, Turn Right into the red gravel path.



Approximately 50 metres along red gravel path to the finish.

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