The route of the race was confirmed as being 10 miles in length when it was measured on the 14th Feb 2007. 

Due to some competitors (using GPS systems) claiming that the route was short, the course was remeasured on Friday 13th March 2009 by SAL course measurer Alan Young. In his report Alan confirmed that the original course measurement was correct & that the route is not less than 10 miles in length & that the "Measurement error is believed to lie between zero to plus 16 meters".


The course is held mainly on the pathways around Strathclyde Loch. The hilliest part of the course is between 3 and 4 miles as the route heads towards its highest point on Spine Road. However as the majority of the course is almost flat & traffic free most competitors should be rewarded with fast times. A water/drinks station will be available to all runners at approximately 3 & 7 Miles.

Google Map Key

Blue line - Start to Mile 3

Red line - Mile 3 to Mile 6

Yellow line - Mile 6 to Finish

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At a line near to the entrance of No 3 car park on Water Sports Centre Road

- From the start head down the loch in a northerly direction towards Bothwell Playing Fields

- At the end of the loch take the Inner Path around "Rowing Start Area"
- Continue on Inner Path - passing "Play Area" on L.H.S. - until you reach the footbridge at Calder Waters.
- After crossing footbridge immediately turn Right passing site of Roman Bath House.
- Continue on Inner Path passing "Sandy beach / Picnic" area
- Just after the 3 mile point, at a "Y" junction on the path take a sharp Left hand turn ­keep on path until it reaches Spine Rd.
- Join Spine Rd and head towards M & D Amusement Park
- Continue on Spine Rd passing M & D Amusements until you reach Bothwell Playing Fields.
- Turn Left at Bothwell Playing Fields & continue on Rd until "T" Junction
- At "T" Junction take a Left hand turn & pass through open gate
- Continue Left hand running but veer Right before a right hand bend
- Turn Right onto Crest Rd & head up loch towards WSC
- Continue along Crest Rd until you reach "Y" Junction leading to either inner pavement around loch or until it meets Water Sports Centre Rd
- Veer Right onto Water Sports Centre Rd & continue on road - passing WSC on LHS
- Continue on WSC Road until it meets the Inner Path which runs around the Loch
- Turn Left onto Inner Path & continue on Inner Path - passing Sandy Beach Area
- Continue on path until you reach the footbridge at Calder Water
- Turn Left and cross footbridge - keep to Inner Path around the loch
- At the end of the loch keep to Inner Path around Rowing Start Area until path meets Crest Rd
- Continue on Crest Rd until you reach the "Y" junction which leads to either Inner pavement around loch or until it meets Water Sport Centre Rd
- Veer Left onto Inner pavement & continue running to the finish



At a line near to the Piper Alpha Memorial